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Janice Pluth

Life Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Currently Funded Projects

Radiation Sensitivity and Processing of DNA Damage Following Low Doses of Gamma-Ray, Alpha Particles, & HZE Irradiation of Normal or DSB Repair Deficient Cells. Description


Whalen, M.K., Gurai, S.K., Zahed-Kargaran, H., and Pluth, J.M. (2008). Specific ATM-mediated phosphorylation dependent on radiation quality. Radiation Research 170(3):353-364.

Pluth, J.M., Yamazaki, V., Cooper, B.A., Rydberg, B.E., Kirchgessner, C.U., and Cooper, P.K. (2008). DNA double-strand break and chromosomal rejoining defects with misrejoining in Nijmegen breakage syndrome cells. DNA Repair 7(1):108-118.

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